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Here at Evergreen Dog Retreat, we treat your pups as we would want our pups treated, with much love and attention. Our kennel is located on our 20 acre property and not too far away from our house.  We are a smaller family owned kennel, but we provide more services, love and attention to your pups because of this. We’ll make sure your dog is having the time of their life throughout their stay! We do provide pictures, video’s and texts to you throughout the day so you know exactly how your dog is doing during their stay. Every owner that dropped off a dog here loves it when they receive this from us, its a extra benefit we offer, that others don’t.

If your dog is social, he/she will be let out in a play group several times daily.  If not social, your dog will be outside several times daily in a grassy play area with toys and individual attention away from other dogs.  We are open to accept dogs for doggy daycare or overnight stays. Dogs who will be staying overnight with us will be let out one last time at 9pm and then tucked into bed.  Dogs will awake at 7:00am and start the day all over again.

Your dog will eat according to the schedule which you provide at check in. You are welcome to bring your own dog food to ease your dogs transition into boarding or we will use what we feed our dogs (Pedigree).

Our completed kennels include an exit outside area letting your dog enjoy some fresh outdoor air.  The sanitary conditions of all our kennels is always our main concern and we promise to exceed your expectations

Working Hours:”Monday-Friday” “9am-5pm”

One thought on “About Us & Pictures

  1. Lisa Pabelick says:

    Thank you Jen and Lilly for the wonderful care of Breezie and Checkers. We will definitely use you guys again.

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