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Welcome to Evergreen Dog Retreat, where canine care is not just a service but a heartfelt commitment. Nestled on our picturesque 20-acre property, our kennel is more than just a place for your furry companions – it’s a home away from home.

As a tight-knit, family-owned establishment, we take pride in being a smaller kennel, as it allows us to provide an unparalleled level of services, love, and attention to each and every pup under our care. Our kennel is conveniently located not far from our own house, ensuring a close connection and constant supervision.

At Evergreen Dog Retreat, we understand that your pets are family, and we treat them with the same love and attention that we give to our own furry friends. Throughout your dog’s stay, we go the extra mile by keeping you connected through a stream of pictures, videos, and texts, providing you with real-time updates on their joyous moments.

For the social butterflies among our canine guests, we organize play groups several times daily, creating a lively and interactive environment. If your dog prefers a more relaxed setting, our grassy play area with toys and individual attention offers a perfect retreat away from the hustle and bustle of group activities.

Whether it’s for doggy daycare or overnight stays, every pup’s experience is tailored to their unique personality and preferences. As the night falls, dogs staying overnight are given a final outdoor excursion at 9 pm before being tucked into bed, ready to wake up at 7:00 am for another day filled with love, play, and personalized attention.

Join the Evergreen Dog Retreat family, where your furry friends are not just guests – they’re cherished members of our extended family.

Your dog will eat according to the schedule which you provide at check in. You are welcome to bring your own dog food to ease your dogs transition into boarding or we will use what we feed our dogs (Pedigree).

Our completed kennels include an exit outside area letting your dog enjoy some fresh outdoor air.  The sanitary conditions of all our kennels is always our main concern and we promise to exceed your expectations

Working Hours:”Monday-Friday” “9am-5pm”

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  1. Lisa Pabelick says:

    Thank you Jen and Lilly for the wonderful care of Breezie and Checkers. We will definitely use you guys again.

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